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Frequently Asked Questions

Please join us in faith to worship and serve God, our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

What do I need to wear to attend church?  Come as you are.  While we encourage modest dress, everyone is welcome and we want you to be comfortable.  Dress is usually casual in Flour Bluff, but if you want to dress up, that’s okay also.  

What type of worship do you provide?

Our worship is an interpersonal experience! We pray, listen to God's Word, and sing.  We encourage you to participate and sing along, following the on-screen lyrics or hymn book.  Interactive instruments are also available for children.  

May I participate in the Lord's Supper? All are invited to take the bread and juice, with a repentant heart, in remembrance of Jesus Christ.  The Communion Table is not a Methodist table; it is an open table for all ages, who accept invitation to the forgiveness of sin.  

Do you accept tithes?

Yes, our tithes and gifts are part of our worship, thanking God for our provision. Practically, they enable St. Peter's to make a difference in our community.

Can children come to church?  Absolutely.  All ages gather for worship together.  Jesus said, "let the children come to me."  At St. Peter's, children are always welcome.  We want parents to know that we believe children learn faith best by practicing it with their family.  Infants, toddlers, and children are always welcomed to participate in Worship. However, if you prefer, we have a nursery available by request for children under the age of 4.

If you have a question that is not listed here, please use the Contact Form to let us know.

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